The advantages of 3D design for shrinkwrapping machines and case packers

Have you ever thought about how much a design error can cost you for your industrial machinery? In the case of shrink wrappers and case packers for the food sector, for example, a solution that is not suitable for the processing to be carried out can turn into a real nightmare that makes you lose production hours and, consequently, important orders.

Choosing a custom machine is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your productivity and have all the features you need, adapting the shrinkwrapper or the case packer to the spaces you have available, also facilitating the work of the operators.

But to ensure all this, it is essential that the machine is made with the utmost care, and therefore designed without neglecting anything. 3D design offers you many guarantees in this regard.

Guaranteed compliance

Industrial machinery is an extremely complex ecosystem. Not only are there hundreds of components and they must all work in predetermined logical sequences, but together they must also meet the requirements required by the customer at the time of purchase and current regulations in terms of machine construction.

The 3D design of industrial machinery allows you to create a compliant product, because it is based on an in-depth analysis and investigation that protects you from the risk of having to stop your production due to malfunctions and unexpected events.

The feasibility study carried out by the designer will also highlight all the peculiarities of your environments and your production, so as to design a machine that is able to adapt perfectly to your working conditions, the needs of users and maintainers with excellent results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in the medium/ long term.

Reduce the time of realization

The use of 3D design software allows you to integrate many different data related to the different components of the machinery you want to use, the mechanical and electrical design as a whole and all the sensors and the electric control actuators necessary for the automatic and full electric solutions.

In this way the designer is able to put into system all the many variables to be taken into account in the implementation of the machines.

Data integration allows you to be faster in your design, because this data is managed simultaneously and does not have to be imported, exported, converted or rebuilt from different sources. In this way, in addition to limiting the risk of errors, it also facilitates the management of changes. And if the design is speeded up with the use of the right 3D software, it is therefore possible to move first to the realization of the machinery and have it available as soon as possible.

Maximum flexibility

Are your production needs really very specific? Then you will need an even more critical approach at the design stage.

3D design allows you to more easily identify any critical aspects of the models being processed, and to customize the solutions to the maximum without risking to build a machine that does not work as it should and does not meet customer expectations.

Each emerging problem will then be analyzed in detail to find the best solution for your needs, because a 3D design software also provides all the flexibility you need to think of custom solutions.

3D design reduces costs

Do you fear that equipping yourself with a custom machine for stuffing and wrapping is an excessive investment? In fact, this is not the case, because a tailor-made solution is able to bring you back faster than the capital invested thanks to the fact that it optimizes your productivity. And if you choose a custom full electric automatic machine you can also make sure you save on the cost of energy needed for its operation, reducing consumption by up to 60% compared to a pneumatic solution.

Moreover, if you rely on a partner who designs your industrial machinery in 3D, you can minimize the risk of design errors, as we have seen above, and this will protect you from the danger of continuous downtime, sudden stop to production and unexpected maintenance.

Equipping your company with a full electric shrinkwrapper or automatic case packer can completely revolutionize your productivity and also the costs you have to bear for your energy bill. Provided, however, that the machine you choose is exactly the best for your solutions.

Do you want all these risk-free benefits? RL Automatic Industrial Systems is the only company that designs and manufactures automatic machines with electrical and non pneumatic components for the food industry. We have over thirty years of experience in the fields of automation, precision mechanics and industrial plant design and construction. We use advanced 3D design software, reducing inefficiencies and reducing construction costs.

We are so confident in the performance of our systems that we offer you the flexibility of the try&buy formula for your new machine. We personalize the commercial offer, we design and manufacture your custom machine, and you have all the time to try it to decide whether to buy it.

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