Five reasons to choose a full electric automatic shrinkwrapper

Companies working in the food industry have very stringent requirements for the packaging of their products. Often it is precisely because of incorrect packaging, which may compromise the quality of the food or even just that makes it difficult to display on the shelves of stores or to transport, that a product does not have the success hoped for.

But as for all businesses also for the food industry is essential to make ends meet, calculating all the necessary resources not only for staff but also to support production, provide for the premises and manage the maintenance of the machines. A company therefore has very high energy costs to cope with all this. And in a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, with continuous increases in energy and raw materials, carrying on production can become a real undertaking, especially if unexpected machine stops come to block the work of all.

So how can we protect ourselves as much as possible from risks such as plant inefficiency and machine downtime, when working in the packaging of food products? For example, choosing a full electric automatic shrinkwrapper. Here are five good reasons to make this decision.

1) Pneumatic cylinders wear out on average in 3 months

The more complex a system is and the more things that can be broken or worn: this is a golden rule that applies to any type of machinery, and those equipped with pneumatic cylinders are no exception.

The continuous mechanical stresses to which these elements are subjected make it more likely that they break, and in any case wear them incessantly. With the result of requiring continuous maintenance and replacement, which results in as many stops to production.

A full electric shrinkwrapper lasts much longer than a machine with pneumatic components because it is not subjected to the same mechanical stress. It therefore requires less maintenance, which means less downtime. And therefore allows you to produce more.

2) Electric shrinkwrapping machines DO NOT require energy throughout the movement of the components

This saves energy compared to compressed air solutions, even when they are on standby. A continuous and constant saving, which allows to return in a shorter time the investment made for the purchase of the shrinkwrapper.

3) Electric shrinkwrappers are a greener solution

How much CO2 can a compressed air machine generate? A lot. And that makes machinery with this technology particularly polluting.

In a year the energy required for the operation of the pneumatic cylinder of an industrial machine can also emit 12 tons of carbon dioxide!

An electrical solution eliminates emissions related to the operation of the cylinder. A full electric shrinkwrapper, therefore, can also be a real declaration of intent by the company that chooses it, and that thus proves to be attentive to the sustainability of its work.

4) The maintenance and energy costs of a pneumatic solution can be 4.5 times those of full electric

At a time when the prices of raw materials and energy have gone crazy, it is necessary to try to save wisely, without compromising their production but opting for more efficient solutions. The advantages of a full electric shrinkwrapper can really make a difference in the overall budget of the company.

5) A full electric solution improves the working environment

This type of shrinkwrapper is able to make the working environment in which it is placed much more welcoming for people: in fact, they are quieter than machines with pneumatic components, and do not require oils or liquids with a strong smell.

In short, the advantages of a full electric automatic shrinkwrapper are many and important for companies that choose this type of machine.

Do you want all these risk-free benefits? RL Automatic Industrial Systems is the only company that designs and manufactures automatic machines with electrical and non pneumatic components for the food industry. We have over thirty years of experience in the fields of automation, precision mechanics and industrial plant design and construction, and we are so confident in the performance of our plants that we offer you the flexibility of the try&buy formula for your new machinery. We personalize the commercial offer, we design and manufacture your custom machine, and you have all the time to try it to decide whether to buy it.

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How to reduce CO2 emissions from industrial production?

The European Green Deal sets the goal of climate neutrality for 2050. In short, by that time the world economy should be able to abolish greenhouse gases, which are dangerous for the environment and man, from its productive activities.

The date seems distant, but it is not so much. And in order not to be faced with heavy sanctions or with a stop to production, companies should start thinking already today about their ecological transition and how it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions from their activities.

For those who work in the food sector, the challenge becomes even more pressing. Being a commodity of first necessity, food will always have a market. But it is very likely that over time consumers are increasingly turning to “virtuous” companies, those with a solid commitment to green and a recognized transparency, which are therefore able to comply with directives for the protection of the environment. People are already more likely to buy from companies that declare (and prove) their commitment to reducing their impact on the planet. How? For example, by disseminating real data about the green decisions they make throughout the supply chain.

In short, it is essential that industries start to take action as soon as possible to reduce CO2 emissions related to their production. And for food the task is arduous, since according to the journal Science this sector is responsible for about a third of the total emissions of greenhouse gases worldwide, because of the way food is produced, transported and consumed.

So how can you reduce your food company’s CO2 emissions? Here are three tips that you can put into action as soon as possible to not be found unprepared.

1. Exploiting renewable energy

They are cheaper and less polluting than many other solutions, and are becoming more and more common. Equipping ourselves with industrial plants to try to provide for its energy needs in a more autonomous and less polluting way today is no longer impossible, and more and more companies do.

2. Focusing on the electric

A compressed air machine can generate a lot of CO2. Not to mention that the yield of this type of plant is close to 30% of the energy used. It is a technology that therefore produces polluting machinery and that in the long run can also become particularly expensive.

An electrical solution eliminates the emissions related to the operation of the pneumatic cylinder. Do you think they are few? In fact they can reach up to 12 tons in a year.

3. Spreading the culture of sustainability

Unfortunately, there are still many people who consider it pointless to work to reverse the route of greenhouse gas pollution. So it is up to each of us to try to spread the idea of the urgency and importance of engaging in the first person.

For companies to make green choices is an important position, which is able to have resonance on many people.

Choosing partners who are committed to producing sustainable solutions is a way to ensure a virtuous supply chain in all its steps.

The food industry has the task of preserving the welfare of people in two ways: first feeding them, which is its primary purpose, but today also trying to make compatible the production of food and respect for the environment.

At RL Automatic Industrial System we have created a greener solution for packaged food companies: our full electric automatic shrinkwrapping and wrapping machines do not have a pneumatic cylinder, so they allow you to eliminate from your production all emissions related to the use of compressed air.

From our thirty years of experience in the field of automation we have obtained the knowledge necessary to design and build highly customized industrial plants able to respond accurately to the needs of businesses. We are so confident of our full electric automatic case packers and shrinkwrappers that we also offer them with the try&buy formula, zero risk for the company.

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Increased costs: how to optimize the packaging of your food products?

Not only energy costs, but also raw material prices see no possibility of a reduction in the short term. What has hit the Italian and European production system since 2020 is definitely a kind of perfect storm, which continues to put many companies in different sectors in difficulty.

In recent months the pasta industry has been repeatedly brought to the front pages of newspapers as an example of uncontrolled increase in costs, a fact due to the combined action of soaring prices of wheat and energy, transport, the management of the entire production process. Companies in the sector increasingly need to find solutions that allow them not only to maintain competitive prices on the market but even to continue production.

What can be important steps to be taken to optimize the cost of packaging food products at this historic moment? There are different kinds.

Attention to raw materials

Packaging, when it comes to food, must follow precise regulations and be done to perfection. However, it is possible to maintain high packaging standards even using different materials, for example.

Packaging today can be made with new generation plastic cartons and packaging: research is very active on the thin film front, so as to reduce the amount of plastic used, as well as that of alternative paper solutions.

One factor to keep in mind, then, is sustainability: this is in fact an increasingly important value for consumers, who tend to spend more to be sure of buying a green product. In the study of packaging, this trend translates into the fact that it is also possible to increase the price of some products if you highlight, for example, that packaging is sustainable or even compostable.

But be careful not to give in to shrinkflation, what in Italian is called degreasing: it is the practice of reducing packaging (and content) without lowering the final price of the product. The consumer feels deceived when companies implement it, and this can have serious repercussions on the corporate image.

Process optimization

Keeping your production running smoothly and uninterrupted at the moment is essential to not lose market share. Using automatic machines allows you to better manage your work, adapting your production rhythms to the actual needs. An automatic shrinkwrapper or case packer can allow you to work with maximum flexibility, producing exactly what you need at all times.

The planning and organization of the works are in fact fundamental in order to face the fluctuations of the market, and with an automatic machine they can be carried to the maximum.

Optimizing workspaces is also important right now: choosing for example a taylor made automatic machine allows you to make the most of your environments, perhaps with modular solutions that can also be integrated in the future.

Switch to electric

Making business processes smarter makes energy consumption more efficient. A full electric automatic shrinkwrapping machine is able to save much more energy than compressed air solutions: it does not require energy during the entire movement of the components (unlike machines with pneumatic components), allowing a concrete and constant saving to every use.

In addition to the savings in bills, a full electric automatic machine for stuffing and wrapping food also saves money in other ways, starting with the costs of maintenance and those connected to machine downtime. Electric solutions are more durable than pneumatic cylinder solutions because they are subjected to less stress, and therefore have a longer life cycle.

Choose profitable business formulas

The advantages of choosing an electric machine for food packaging are certainly many, however it is plausible that taking the decision to revolutionize your production system at this time can scare you.

Is it possible to have a machine that can optimize costs and production but at the same time does not take entrepreneurial risks? Absolutely yes: there are several solutions to make this investment an advantage across the board.

First, those who choose a latest generation electric shrinkwrapper or case packer can access the incentives dedicated to Industry 4.0. But that’s not all: at RL Automatic Industrial System we also offer our partners the possibility of a zero risk purchase with the try&buy formula. This means that we customize the commercial offer, design and manufacture your custom machine, and you have plenty of time to try it out to decide whether to buy it.

We have more than thirty years of experience in the field of automation and in particular in solutions for the food industry, so we are able to design and build high performance custom industrial plants.

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Italian packaging machines conquer the world

In 2021, the sector of automatic machines for packaging and Italian packaging recorded record performances: total turnover was 8.24 billion euros, which beats the record of 2019, a year in which it had reached 8.04 billion euros. The data were disclosed by the Centro Studi Mecs – Unione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Automatiche per il Confezionamento e l’Imballaggio UCIMA in the National Statistical Survey.

And there is another good news, because the excellence of technologies and solutions for packaging made in Italy is appreciated and recognized abroad. 78.4% of the total turnover of the sector, ie 6.46 billion euros, is in fact the result of exports worldwide.

Companies invest in innovation

Such a positive result for the Italian sector of automatic packaging machines is encouraging, especially in light of the market difficulties recorded in 2021. Consumer goods companies have therefore not been stopped by price increases and the worldwide shortage of raw materials, but they continued to invest in innovation and the improvement of their production chain to get out of this difficult time. Not even the stop at the 2020/2021 fairs has managed to block the evolution of the sector.

On the contrary, equipping yourself with state-of-the-art systems capable of reducing the company’s energy needs, optimizing working spaces and ensuring maximum flexibility to adapt to the company’s production rhythms is certainly a great way to deal with the current situation, dominated by uncertainty on multiple fronts. Performance of this kind can be guaranteed by full electric automatic packaging machines, such as shrinkwrappers and case packers, which are also able to minimize the risk of downtime and the need for maintenance.

57.1% of packaging technologies and solutions purchased in 2021 are destined for food & beverage, with the food sector making a leap forward of 8.8% compared to 2020.

The markets that have chosen Made in Italy

Italian manufacturers of packaging technologies sell mainly in the European Union, and in fact 40.8% of the sector’s exports are directed towards other member countries, generating a turnover of 2.15 billion euros. However, Asia is also a lively market, with a turnover of 942 million euros, equal to 17.8% of the total, while sales to the United States of America generated revenues of 828 million euros.

North America is the first buyer of automatic Italian packaging machines, followed by France, Germany and China.

On the domestic front, the Italian market grew by 3.2%, with a turnover of 1.77 billion.

So the technologies and solutions made in Italy for packaging can be defined to all intents and purposes of world-class excellence. In such a dynamic industry, future prospects are increasingly oriented towards digital and integrated solutions that optimise processes, reduce consumption and enable production to be carried out efficiently without interruption.

The answer to these needs is already found in full electric machines: the automatic electric box packers and shrinkwrappers of RL Automatic Industrial System, For example, they are able to allow real and constant energy savings and ensure a longer life cycle than machines with pneumatic components.

Our machines are custom, to maximize productivity according to the specific needs of the company and ensure the best performance. Born from over thirty years of experience in the field of automation and in particular in solutions for the food industry, RL Automatic Industrial System full electric shrinkwrapping machines and automatic case packers are an example of a high performance solution to allow your company to protect itself from unexpected risks and costs.

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Is it possible to extend the life of your automatic machines?

Every company, when making an important investment on its technical equipment, would like that machinery or plant just purchased could last for decades without ever needing maintenance or replacement.

Unfortunately, the reality is a little different, and of course you will have to intervene sooner or later on your fleet to update it. However, there are several choices you can make to make sure your automatic industrial machines have a longer and always productive life cycle.

Think about the revamping

When an automatic machine begins to give signs of obsolescence that make it more complex to continue to use it profitably, or when new production needs emerge that machinery is not able to fulfill, it is not always necessary to replace the whole plant.

It is in fact also possible to think about a revamping: with this term we mean a sort of restructuring and restocking of the industrial automatic machine, which can allow to extend its life even by several years. Revamping is not always an applicable solution, in fact it is advisable to rely on experts to make a thorough analysis of the situation and then evaluate whether it is more convenient to switch directly to a new machine.

However, if your machine has adequate restructuring margins, with its revamping you can achieve excellent performance in terms of reducing production time (and therefore costs), staff safety and increased productivity.

Opt for a custom solution

Buying a custom automatic machine not only allows you to have all the options and features you need and optimize the use of your space, but also allows you to integrate it over time with new operational functions, always designed to your needs.

The custom project starts from an in-depth analysis of your needs and the parameters that the machine will have to respect, so the plant you buy has been designed to do exactly what you will make it do. And this is an extra long-lasting guarantee, because very often it is the misuse of equipment that leads to excessive wear or sudden failures.

If you then choose for your custom automatic machine a specialized company, able to provide continuous assistance and in a short time, even in the event of failures you will not run the risk of “drag” any critical issues for long periods and maybe even to compromise the health of your plant irreparable.

Choose the full electric

The pneumatic cylinders of industrial machinery wear out on average in three months, which necessarily results in machine downtime for the replacement of deteriorated components. Machines with pneumatic technology are more prone to breakdowns and require more maintenance to stem the effects of wear.

An effective solution for having automatic machines with a longer life cycle is to choose the full electric, because this type of plant is not subjected to the same mechanical stress responsible for the wear of industrial machines with pneumatic cylinder.

Do you want your packaging plants to have a longer lifespan? Start by choosing machines that are designed to last and not deteriorate quickly: RL Automatic Industrial System automatic shrinkwrapping machines and case packers guarantee high performance even in the long run, and being designed and made to measure are able to adapt perfectly to your operational needs.

Do you already have a system that needs to be modernized? Contact us and let’s talk about it: we have over thirty years of experience in the automation sector and in particular in solutions for the food industry, so we can upgrade your plant with a revamping operation.

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Does the customization of shrinkwrappers and case packers really pay off?

On the market today there are plants and machinery of every type and every price, which meet the most disparate needs and guarantee a wide range of performance. The standard solutions are not lacking in the field of automatic packaging machinery, in particular between shrinkwrapping machines and box packers of the latest generation.

With such a wide and diversified offer of solutions, does it still make sense to choose custom solutions when you want to equip yourself with a case packer or a shrinkwrapper for the packaging of food products? Can custom machines and systems really make a difference to your production? Is it really worth buying one?

The answer is yes, for several good reasons. Let’s see them together.

Why a custom car lasts longer

When you choose to rely on a partner who designs a custom packaging machine for you, you are making a far-sighted choice. In fact, a machine or plant designed to your needs will have a longer life than that that can guarantee a standard solution.

This is due to the fact that the custom solution, being designed exactly according to your needs, will not be used improperly, which very often causes faster wear and malfunctions that can lead to machine downtime (or even irreparable damage).

A shrinkwrapper or an automatic case packer designed specifically for your company is designed to guarantee the performance you require in the exact conditions in which it will operate. And if by chance these should change, over time you can integrate its functions by adding new ones, provided that you rely on a partner able to design a scalable machine for you. This feature will allow you to upgrade over time your shrinkwrapper or your case packer when they start to give signs of obsolescence, because custom solutions lend themselves not only to integrations but also to revamping.

Finally, a custom automatic machine guarantees you on average a level of assistance higher than that offered by a standard solution, protecting you from the risk that any critical issues will not be resolved in a short time and can be transformed, because of the time that passes, in irreparable damage. You can therefore also save on maintenance, as well as the costs of downtime.

Format changes are more efficient

With a custom automatic machine you can optimize the time even in case of production reconfigurations, because the system is realized with a flexible approach ad hoc for what may be your needs.

Tailor-made design allows you to get the most out of your machinery by relating it to the product you need to make, your operating spaces, the precise needs of your company. In short, it takes performance to the highest possible level for your situation, and you don’t have to adapt to the maximum performance of a pre-defined machine.

Whether it is an ordinary format change linked to your production cycles or the introduction of a new format in your production line, with a shrinkwrapper or a custom case packer you will be able to handle both situations in a simpler and more efficient way than the one that guarantees you the standard solutions.

Energy costs are lower if you choose full electric!

Probably if you choose to invest in a custom automatic packaging machine you will have to expect a higher initial cost than that required by a standard machinery. But this should not scare you, because the right solution can allow you to return the investment faster!

A shrinkwrapping machine or a full electric automatic case packer machine can guarantee a real energy saving compared to pneumatic cylinder solutions. This is because the full electric does not require energy during the entire arc of the movement of its components. The energy cost of a compressed air machine can be from 30% to 60% higher than that of a fully electric automatic machine, and the impact on bills is therefore significantly different.

Equipping your company with a custom and full electric automatic packaging machine can be a competitive advantage, because it protects you from the risk of malfunctions, allows you to optimize your productivity and also save on electricity bills.

RL Automatic Industrial System automatic shrinkwrapping and case packer machines are chosen by companies operating in the food sector, in particular in the dry pasta sector, precisely because they allow them to revolutionize their production system and to work in a simpler, faster and more critical way.

Do you want a custom solution that takes your company’s performance to the next level? Let’s talk about it: we have over thirty years of experience in the automation industry and in particular in solutions for the food industry, so we can find the perfect solution for you.

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