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Does the customization of shrinkwrappers and case packers really pay off?


On the market today there are plants and machinery of every type and every price, which meet the most disparate needs and guarantee a wide range of performance. The standard solutions are not lacking in the field of automatic packaging machinery, in particular between shrinkwrapping machines and box packers of the latest generation.

With such a wide and diversified offer of solutions, does it still make sense to choose custom solutions when you want to equip yourself with a case packer or a shrinkwrapper for the packaging of food products? Can custom machines and systems really make a difference to your production? Is it really worth buying one?

The answer is yes, for several good reasons. Let’s see them together.

Why a custom car lasts longer

When you choose to rely on a partner who designs a custom packaging machine for you, you are making a far-sighted choice. In fact, a machine or plant designed to your needs will have a longer life than that that can guarantee a standard solution.

This is due to the fact that the custom solution, being designed exactly according to your needs, will not be used improperly, which very often causes faster wear and malfunctions that can lead to machine downtime (or even irreparable damage).

A shrinkwrapper or an automatic case packer designed specifically for your company is designed to guarantee the performance you require in the exact conditions in which it will operate. And if by chance these should change, over time you can integrate its functions by adding new ones, provided that you rely on a partner able to design a scalable machine for you. This feature will allow you to upgrade over time your shrinkwrapper or your case packer when they start to give signs of obsolescence, because custom solutions lend themselves not only to integrations but also to revamping.

Finally, a custom automatic machine guarantees you on average a level of assistance higher than that offered by a standard solution, protecting you from the risk that any critical issues will not be resolved in a short time and can be transformed, because of the time that passes, in irreparable damage. You can therefore also save on maintenance, as well as the costs of downtime.

Format changes are more efficient

With a custom automatic machine you can optimize the time even in case of production reconfigurations, because the system is realized with a flexible approach ad hoc for what may be your needs.

Tailor-made design allows you to get the most out of your machinery by relating it to the product you need to make, your operating spaces, the precise needs of your company. In short, it takes performance to the highest possible level for your situation, and you don’t have to adapt to the maximum performance of a pre-defined machine.

Whether it is an ordinary format change linked to your production cycles or the introduction of a new format in your production line, with a shrinkwrapper or a custom case packer you will be able to handle both situations in a simpler and more efficient way than the one that guarantees you the standard solutions.

Energy costs are lower if you choose full electric!

Probably if you choose to invest in a custom automatic packaging machine you will have to expect a higher initial cost than that required by a standard machinery. But this should not scare you, because the right solution can allow you to return the investment faster!

A shrinkwrapping machine or a full electric automatic case packer machine can guarantee a real energy saving compared to pneumatic cylinder solutions. This is because the full electric does not require energy during the entire arc of the movement of its components. The energy cost of a compressed air machine can be from 30% to 60% higher than that of a fully electric automatic machine, and the impact on bills is therefore significantly different.

Equipping your company with a custom and full electric automatic packaging machine can be a competitive advantage, because it protects you from the risk of malfunctions, allows you to optimize your productivity and also save on electricity bills.

RL Automatic Industrial System automatic shrinkwrapping and case packer machines are chosen by companies operating in the food sector, in particular in the dry pasta sector, precisely because they allow them to revolutionize their production system and to work in a simpler, faster and more critical way.

Do you want a custom solution that takes your company’s performance to the next level? Let’s talk about it: we have over thirty years of experience in the automation industry and in particular in solutions for the food industry, so we can find the perfect solution for you.

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