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How to make food stuffing more sustainable


Consumers are increasingly choosing sustainable products. In our country, for example, the Green Observatory led by Compass reported that in 2022 the issue of sustainability was reported as a priority by 48% of Italians in determining their purchases. Not only that, 80% of respondents said they were willing to pay more to make sure products are eco-sustainable. How much more? Even up to 20%, for 7% of the sample.

This means that to be sure of having a market today, producers of goods of any kind must make an important effort towards greater sustainability for their work. And when it comes to nutrition, the sustainability of the product is immediately associated by the consumer with its higher quality.

Beyond the choice of ingredients and production systems, packaging also plays a leading role in determining how green a food product is. For large retailers, such as dry pasta packages that need to be packed with shrinkwrapping machines, is it possible to find solutions that reduce the environmental impact of packaging?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

A full electric automatic shrinkwrapper is a green choice

Industrial compressed air filling machines can generate up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide in a year. This is due to the energy required for the operation of the pneumatic cylinder, which is not present in full electric solutions.

An electric automatic shrinkwrapper in fact completely eliminates the emissions related to the operation of the cylinder: in practice, by switching to such a solution it is possible to avoid producing the 12 tons of CO2 per year that are generated by the use of a compressed air machinery.

In addition, full electric machines for filling produce less waste to be disposed of, because on average the pneumatic components wear out in three months and must be replaced, which is not the case in solutions without a pneumatic cylinder. And even the use of polluting oils to lubricate the parts in continuous motion is zeroed, eliminating the need to dispose of this type of waste.

Finally, a full electric automatic shrinkwrapping machine is also able to guarantee a considerable energy saving compared to a compressed air machinery: the latter in fact can offer a yield equal to about 30% of the energy used, while with an electric solution you can reduce consumption by up to 60%.

Even the film counts

To make food stuffing more sustainable, it is also possible to choose green packaging materials: in fact, there are more and more biodegradable and compostable films compatible with the latest generation shrinkwrapping machines. And research in the field of this type of materials is in constant turmoil.

For single-use plastic made of organic polymers of synthetic origin, a Plastic Tax of a fixed value of 0.45 euro cents per kilo sold is expected from 2024, to be borne not only by the manufacturer but also by those who buy and use it for their work. The new film solutions produced from recycled plastic, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable to be used for shrinkwrapping machines are therefore an illuminated choice both from an ecological and an entrepreneurial point of view.

Equipping your company with a custom and full electric automatic machine for the packaging of food products is concretely a competitive advantage, because it not only allows you to optimize your productivity and save on electricity bills, but it ensures you work more sustainably. A value that you can share with your audience, and that will make you appreciate more and more even from that group of consumers willing to pay even 20% more to be sure to buy green.

Want to work more sustainably and improve your productivity?

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