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Increased costs: how to optimize the packaging of your food products?


Not only energy costs, but also raw material prices see no possibility of a reduction in the short term. What has hit the Italian and European production system since 2020 is definitely a kind of perfect storm, which continues to put many companies in different sectors in difficulty.

In recent months the pasta industry has been repeatedly brought to the front pages of newspapers as an example of uncontrolled increase in costs, a fact due to the combined action of soaring prices of wheat and energy, transport, the management of the entire production process. Companies in the sector increasingly need to find solutions that allow them not only to maintain competitive prices on the market but even to continue production.

What can be important steps to be taken to optimize the cost of packaging food products at this historic moment? There are different kinds.

Attention to raw materials

Packaging, when it comes to food, must follow precise regulations and be done to perfection. However, it is possible to maintain high packaging standards even using different materials, for example.

Packaging today can be made with new generation plastic cartons and packaging: research is very active on the thin film front, so as to reduce the amount of plastic used, as well as that of alternative paper solutions.

One factor to keep in mind, then, is sustainability: this is in fact an increasingly important value for consumers, who tend to spend more to be sure of buying a green product. In the study of packaging, this trend translates into the fact that it is also possible to increase the price of some products if you highlight, for example, that packaging is sustainable or even compostable.

But be careful not to give in to shrinkflation, what in Italian is called degreasing: it is the practice of reducing packaging (and content) without lowering the final price of the product. The consumer feels deceived when companies implement it, and this can have serious repercussions on the corporate image.

Process optimization

Keeping your production running smoothly and uninterrupted at the moment is essential to not lose market share. Using automatic machines allows you to better manage your work, adapting your production rhythms to the actual needs. An automatic shrinkwrapper or case packer can allow you to work with maximum flexibility, producing exactly what you need at all times.

The planning and organization of the works are in fact fundamental in order to face the fluctuations of the market, and with an automatic machine they can be carried to the maximum.

Optimizing workspaces is also important right now: choosing for example a taylor made automatic machine allows you to make the most of your environments, perhaps with modular solutions that can also be integrated in the future.

Switch to electric

Making business processes smarter makes energy consumption more efficient. A full electric automatic shrinkwrapping machine is able to save much more energy than compressed air solutions: it does not require energy during the entire movement of the components (unlike machines with pneumatic components), allowing a concrete and constant saving to every use.

In addition to the savings in bills, a full electric automatic machine for stuffing and wrapping food also saves money in other ways, starting with the costs of maintenance and those connected to machine downtime. Electric solutions are more durable than pneumatic cylinder solutions because they are subjected to less stress, and therefore have a longer life cycle.

Choose profitable business formulas

The advantages of choosing an electric machine for food packaging are certainly many, however it is plausible that taking the decision to revolutionize your production system at this time can scare you.

Is it possible to have a machine that can optimize costs and production but at the same time does not take entrepreneurial risks? Absolutely yes: there are several solutions to make this investment an advantage across the board.

First, those who choose a latest generation electric shrinkwrapper or case packer can access the incentives dedicated to Industry 4.0. But that’s not all: at RL Automatic Industrial System we also offer our partners the possibility of a zero risk purchase with the try&buy formula. This means that we customize the commercial offer, design and manufacture your custom machine, and you have plenty of time to try it out to decide whether to buy it.

We have more than thirty years of experience in the field of automation and in particular in solutions for the food industry, so we are able to design and build high performance custom industrial plants.

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