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Is it possible to extend the life of your automatic machines?


Every company, when making an important investment on its technical equipment, would like that machinery or plant just purchased could last for decades without ever needing maintenance or replacement.

Unfortunately, the reality is a little different, and of course you will have to intervene sooner or later on your fleet to update it. However, there are several choices you can make to make sure your automatic industrial machines have a longer and always productive life cycle.

Think about the revamping

When an automatic machine begins to give signs of obsolescence that make it more complex to continue to use it profitably, or when new production needs emerge that machinery is not able to fulfill, it is not always necessary to replace the whole plant.

It is in fact also possible to think about a revamping: with this term we mean a sort of restructuring and restocking of the industrial automatic machine, which can allow to extend its life even by several years. Revamping is not always an applicable solution, in fact it is advisable to rely on experts to make a thorough analysis of the situation and then evaluate whether it is more convenient to switch directly to a new machine.

However, if your machine has adequate restructuring margins, with its revamping you can achieve excellent performance in terms of reducing production time (and therefore costs), staff safety and increased productivity.

Opt for a custom solution

Buying a custom automatic machine not only allows you to have all the options and features you need and optimize the use of your space, but also allows you to integrate it over time with new operational functions, always designed to your needs.

The custom project starts from an in-depth analysis of your needs and the parameters that the machine will have to respect, so the plant you buy has been designed to do exactly what you will make it do. And this is an extra long-lasting guarantee, because very often it is the misuse of equipment that leads to excessive wear or sudden failures.

If you then choose for your custom automatic machine a specialized company, able to provide continuous assistance and in a short time, even in the event of failures you will not run the risk of “drag” any critical issues for long periods and maybe even to compromise the health of your plant irreparable.

Choose the full electric

The pneumatic cylinders of industrial machinery wear out on average in three months, which necessarily results in machine downtime for the replacement of deteriorated components. Machines with pneumatic technology are more prone to breakdowns and require more maintenance to stem the effects of wear.

An effective solution for having automatic machines with a longer life cycle is to choose the full electric, because this type of plant is not subjected to the same mechanical stress responsible for the wear of industrial machines with pneumatic cylinder.

Do you want your packaging plants to have a longer lifespan? Start by choosing machines that are designed to last and not deteriorate quickly: RL Automatic Industrial System automatic shrinkwrapping machines and case packers guarantee high performance even in the long run, and being designed and made to measure are able to adapt perfectly to your operational needs.

Do you already have a system that needs to be modernized? Contact us and let’s talk about it: we have over thirty years of experience in the automation sector and in particular in solutions for the food industry, so we can upgrade your plant with a revamping operation.

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