full Electric

Why should you switch to electric right away for packaging your food products

Devices with electrical components are much more efficient than those with pneumatic components.


High operating costs and continuous maintenance that blocks production

Pneumatic cylinders wear out on average in 3 months.

The latest compressed air systems can guarantee a yield of about 30% of the energy used, and the technology in this field has reached its maximum evolution.

About 70-80% of the machining costs with pneumatic component machines is on average due to the energy required for their operation.

The energy cost of a compressed air machine can be from 30% to 60% higher than that of a full electric machine.

The maintenance and energy costs of a pneumatic solution in two years can reach 4,5 times those of full electric.

Compressed air causes significant CO2 emissions, making this type of machinery more polluting.


Reduce energy costs and do not stop production

They last much longer because they are not subjected to the same mechanical stresses as pneumatic cylinders.

Thanks to the absence of pneumatic components, less maintenance is required, therefore less downtime and production stops.

They allow you to return the initial investment after less than six months or even in a few weeks, thanks to the savings on maintenance and energy.

Compared to compressed air solutions, full electric solutions DO NOT require energy throughout the movement of components, saving money.

They offer greater flexibility in programming production sequences.

They are a green solution that will make you choose from companies attentive to sustainability (which are and will always be more): in a year the energy required for the operation of the pneumatic cylinder can also emit 12 tons of CO2.

industry 4.0

RL Automatic Industrial Systems brings you the benefits of Industry 4.0

At RL Automatic Industrial Systems we promote industrial innovation and our full electric automatic solutions have a high technological impact that is part of the Industry 4.0 program. In fact, we are able to provide turnkey projects, from device design to final certification.
This allows you to access the incentives dedicated to the design and production of machinery useful for packaging your products.

Also with a view to revamping, we offer the possibility to modernize the machine and make it more technologically efficient in compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0.
Keep your existing production plant, but you can upgrade it as if it were completely new, taking advantage of the tax benefits provided.