What facilities can you request in 2023 to buy a full electric automatic machine?

The best way to give an extra boost to your production is surely to equip yourself with better machines and tools. However, at a time like the present, characterized not only by increases (almost) uncontrolled energy costs and prices of raw materials but also from a background uncertainty on the international level are many companies that are afraid to make important investments.

But unfortunately if you do not innovate there is a risk of lagging behind the market. For example, in the food sector, it is essential to ensure continuous production and high quality standards not only for the product but also for its packaging. And investing in the updating of your fleet is essential precisely at times when the competition becomes more ruthless and the market registers difficulties, because you risk being overcome by the most performing competitors.

Can you innovate your company and save money at the same time? Of course, taking advantage of state incentives.

Here comes Transition 4.0

The 2023-2025 tax credit is called Transition 4.0 and was created to extend the tax relief model launched in 2017 for innovative interconnected goods. In practice, Transition 4.0 is the direct heir of Industry 4.0. Compared to its predecessor, the fundamental difference is that it is no longer an over-depreciation but a tax credit. Consequently, the tax advantage for companies that invest in the innovation of their machinery is calculated as a percentage of the purchase cost of the machinery.

How can you get the Transition 4.0 tax credit? First, this incentive applies to the purchase of interconnected capital goods, both tangible and intangible. And for purchases of machinery made from 1 January 2023 to 31/12/2025 you can get the following tax credits:

  • The 20% of the cost of the good for purchases until 2,5 million euros
  • 10% of the cost of the good for purchases from 2,5 to 10 million euros
  • 5% of the cost of the good for purchases between 10 and 20 million euros.

There is also the possibility to extend the purchase of the complete good up to 30/06/2026 and still use the tax credit: it is necessary in this case that at 31/12/2025 a deposit of 20% of the total cost has been paid.

The tax credit is not taxed for the purposes of IRPEF, IRES and IRAP, it is granted as a compensation on F24 in three annual instalments and is also cumulative with other facilities provided not to exceed the established cost limits. It is also possible for companies to take advantage of the credit already from the year in which they purchase the machinery.

So if your company is resident in Italy and the machines you buy will always be operational in Italy, requesting the benefits of Transition 4.0 can help you innovate your business and make it grow. For companies operating in the food industry, and in particular in the production of dry pasta, aiming for an automatic full electric solution for the packaging of your product can be a winning choice at this time: not only do you get access to dedicated incentives, but you can also significantly cut the energy costs of production.

For example, RL Automatic Industrial System’s automatic electric shrinkwrapping and case packer machines do not require energy throughout the movement of components. This allows them to save energy compared to compressed air solutions, even when they are on standby. The energy saving is reflected in a continuous and constant saving of money in the bill, which allows the company a return faster than the investment.

RL Automatic Industrial Systems is the only company that designs and manufactures automatic machines with electrical and non pneumatic components for the food industry. We have over thirty years of experience in the fields of automation, precision mechanics and industrial plant design and construction, and we are so confident in the performance of our plants that we offer you the flexibility of the try&buy formula for your new machinery. We personalize the commercial offer, we design and manufacture your custom machine, and you have all the time to try it to decide whether to buy it.

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