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Five reasons to choose a full electric automatic shrinkwrapper


Companies working in the food industry have very stringent requirements for the packaging of their products. Often it is precisely because of incorrect packaging, which may compromise the quality of the food or even just that makes it difficult to display on the shelves of stores or to transport, that a product does not have the success hoped for.

But as for all businesses also for the food industry is essential to make ends meet, calculating all the necessary resources not only for staff but also to support production, provide for the premises and manage the maintenance of the machines. A company therefore has very high energy costs to cope with all this. And in a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, with continuous increases in energy and raw materials, carrying on production can become a real undertaking, especially if unexpected machine stops come to block the work of all.

So how can we protect ourselves as much as possible from risks such as plant inefficiency and machine downtime, when working in the packaging of food products? For example, choosing a full electric automatic shrinkwrapper. Here are five good reasons to make this decision.

1) Pneumatic cylinders wear out on average in 3 months

The more complex a system is and the more things that can be broken or worn: this is a golden rule that applies to any type of machinery, and those equipped with pneumatic cylinders are no exception.

The continuous mechanical stresses to which these elements are subjected make it more likely that they break, and in any case wear them incessantly. With the result of requiring continuous maintenance and replacement, which results in as many stops to production.

A full electric shrinkwrapper lasts much longer than a machine with pneumatic components because it is not subjected to the same mechanical stress. It therefore requires less maintenance, which means less downtime. And therefore allows you to produce more.

2) Electric shrinkwrapping machines DO NOT require energy throughout the movement of the components

This saves energy compared to compressed air solutions, even when they are on standby. A continuous and constant saving, which allows to return in a shorter time the investment made for the purchase of the shrinkwrapper.

3) Electric shrinkwrappers are a greener solution

How much CO2 can a compressed air machine generate? A lot. And that makes machinery with this technology particularly polluting.

In a year the energy required for the operation of the pneumatic cylinder of an industrial machine can also emit 12 tons of carbon dioxide!

An electrical solution eliminates emissions related to the operation of the cylinder. A full electric shrinkwrapper, therefore, can also be a real declaration of intent by the company that chooses it, and that thus proves to be attentive to the sustainability of its work.

4) The maintenance and energy costs of a pneumatic solution can be 4.5 times those of full electric

At a time when the prices of raw materials and energy have gone crazy, it is necessary to try to save wisely, without compromising their production but opting for more efficient solutions. The advantages of a full electric shrinkwrapper can really make a difference in the overall budget of the company.

5) A full electric solution improves the working environment

This type of shrinkwrapper is able to make the working environment in which it is placed much more welcoming for people: in fact, they are quieter than machines with pneumatic components, and do not require oils or liquids with a strong smell.

In short, the advantages of a full electric automatic shrinkwrapper are many and important for companies that choose this type of machine.

Do you want all these risk-free benefits? RL Automatic Industrial Systems is the only company that designs and manufactures automatic machines with electrical and non pneumatic components for the food industry. We have over thirty years of experience in the fields of automation, precision mechanics and industrial plant design and construction, and we are so confident in the performance of our plants that we offer you the flexibility of the try&buy formula for your new machinery. We personalize the commercial offer, we design and manufacture your custom machine, and you have all the time to try it to decide whether to buy it.

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