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Italian packaging machines conquer the world

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In 2021, the sector of automatic machines for packaging and Italian packaging recorded record performances: total turnover was 8.24 billion euros, which beats the record of 2019, a year in which it had reached 8.04 billion euros. The data were disclosed by the Centro Studi Mecs – Unione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Automatiche per il Confezionamento e l’Imballaggio UCIMA in the National Statistical Survey.

And there is another good news, because the excellence of technologies and solutions for packaging made in Italy is appreciated and recognized abroad. 78.4% of the total turnover of the sector, ie 6.46 billion euros, is in fact the result of exports worldwide.

Companies invest in innovation

Such a positive result for the Italian sector of automatic packaging machines is encouraging, especially in light of the market difficulties recorded in 2021. Consumer goods companies have therefore not been stopped by price increases and the worldwide shortage of raw materials, but they continued to invest in innovation and the improvement of their production chain to get out of this difficult time. Not even the stop at the 2020/2021 fairs has managed to block the evolution of the sector.

On the contrary, equipping yourself with state-of-the-art systems capable of reducing the company’s energy needs, optimizing working spaces and ensuring maximum flexibility to adapt to the company’s production rhythms is certainly a great way to deal with the current situation, dominated by uncertainty on multiple fronts. Performance of this kind can be guaranteed by full electric automatic packaging machines, such as shrinkwrappers and case packers, which are also able to minimize the risk of downtime and the need for maintenance.

57.1% of packaging technologies and solutions purchased in 2021 are destined for food & beverage, with the food sector making a leap forward of 8.8% compared to 2020.

The markets that have chosen Made in Italy

Italian manufacturers of packaging technologies sell mainly in the European Union, and in fact 40.8% of the sector’s exports are directed towards other member countries, generating a turnover of 2.15 billion euros. However, Asia is also a lively market, with a turnover of 942 million euros, equal to 17.8% of the total, while sales to the United States of America generated revenues of 828 million euros.

North America is the first buyer of automatic Italian packaging machines, followed by France, Germany and China.

On the domestic front, the Italian market grew by 3.2%, with a turnover of 1.77 billion.

So the technologies and solutions made in Italy for packaging can be defined to all intents and purposes of world-class excellence. In such a dynamic industry, future prospects are increasingly oriented towards digital and integrated solutions that optimise processes, reduce consumption and enable production to be carried out efficiently without interruption.

The answer to these needs is already found in full electric machines: the automatic electric box packers and shrinkwrappers of RL Automatic Industrial System, For example, they are able to allow real and constant energy savings and ensure a longer life cycle than machines with pneumatic components.

Our machines are custom, to maximize productivity according to the specific needs of the company and ensure the best performance. Born from over thirty years of experience in the field of automation and in particular in solutions for the food industry, RL Automatic Industrial System full electric shrinkwrapping machines and automatic case packers are an example of a high performance solution to allow your company to protect itself from unexpected risks and costs.

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