Our Services

designed to make you never have problems

We treat the plants we produce as our own. This means that when a plant leaves our headquarters to reach its final destination, it is not only a physical move: in fact, it will continue, forever, to be followed by our team.

What interests us in RL Automatic Industrial System is not the simple sale of a plant, but the establishment of a relationship of trust with the customer that lasts over time.

Guaranteed to those who choose us:

Advanced design

with SolidWorks, which avoids inefficiencies and lowers construction costs.

Quality/ price ratio

of absolute interest with very high quality standards, and to provide immediate answers to the customer without bureaucratic delays

Environmental Commitment

Projects in line with our commitment to the environment and plant profitability in the medium to long term.

Continuous support

with 24-hour total telephone coverage 365 days a year, both technically and commercially


up to 7 days for even the most complex interventions.


already in operation for new products, new formats and extraordinary maintenance.

Modular and flexible machines

to keep you abreast of the ever-changing demands of large retailers.